About Heidi Feldman

About Heidi FeldmanSince 1993, Heidi has been a successful weight loss consultant at “KEEPING IT OFF!” her own private practice.

No stranger to weight loss, she has lost 40lbs and has successfully kept it off for over 20 years!

Heidi does weight loss counselling in her successful private practice, in schools and to large corporate clients.

Some of her past clients include Pfizer Canada, The Lakeshore School Board, West Island College and Puma.

She has been featured on television and in newspapers and is a guest lecturer on the subject of weight loss and nutrition.


For years, Heidi Feldman battled a weight problem, but to little avail.

“I was overweight my whole life.” She said. “ I tried everything from hunger depressant pills to the Scarsdale to the grapefruit diet, but the pounds always came back. That was three years ago.

During what she calls “ a gradual process.” Feldman changed her approach, her eating habits and her way of thinking. “It’s mind over matter. I am living proof.” Said Feldman, who has finally won her battle with the bulge.

Her background is in Psychology, and she has also worked in the nutritional field, counseling people on diet and health….

“Clients have asked me, “how fast can I lose?”, but that’s not the issue, she said. The important thing is achieving long-term optimum health, she says. “The focus of “keeping it off” is establishing why people overeat, whether it’s a reaction to stress, boredom or other emotions. Feldman said. “ We work on how to change that.”

Excerpt from -The Chronicle, Wednesday, January 13th 1993